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The Polite Society Podcast is a weekly show that examines the news of the firearms industry, has interviews with people in and around the industry who influence gun rights, and examines defensive gun uses. The show is a team effort of some of the most passionate people in the industry and each writer and co-host brings a unique perspective and opinion to the show.
The Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast brings you recent examples of armed civilians protecting themselves and those they love. Experienced firearms instructors comment on recent events. Were these gun owners lucky or were they well trained? What would you do if you were in their situation?
Armed Lutheran Radio is a show about guns, hunting, competitive shooting, the natural right of self-defense and what God’s Word says about the issues surrounding gun rights and gun ownership.
Gun Freedom Radio is a show that speaks from a Pro Second Amendment stance, with the purpose to Engage, Educate and Inform with real life events and news stories to reach the undecided about Gun Rights. Gun Freedom Radio brings awareness and clarity on politically clouded issues to those who have not yet decided where they stand on the Pro vs. Anti-Gun Rights spectrum. The show discusses new products, examines news articles for media bias and helps cut through the political doublespeak. The show covers gun safety and provides valuable information from a skilled Gunsmith. GFR is known for its interviews of the Nation’s top experts in the field so listeners can feel confident they are receiving the most current information from the most reliable source.
Rob and Amanda are a brother and sister shooting team. They have been hosting the Radio Show EyeOnTheTargetRadio since 2010, and now run a 501c3 that focuses on firearms education. Not only is their show available here in Podcast – its is also live on the FM station WNIR in the Cleveland /Akron Ohio area. EyeOnTheTargetRadio is an audience interactive show where callers call in and interact with Rob and Amanda. Discussions on the show range from Concealed carry to ballistics, Selecting a firearm to history of a favored gun. Rob is a gun historian that holds his own with the best in the industry, while Amanda is making a name as THE gal who leads Concealed Carry fashion shows across the nation.
Geeks, Gadgets & Guns Blends technology and video game enthusiasts together with firearms enthusiasts. Because we can all quote Monty Python and enjoy Star Wars or Star Trek no matter what community we hail from. Every week the hosts sit down and discuss everything geeky from video games and movies to electronics and guns. We deep dive into all of it!
Modern Self Protection is a podcast about self-defense for everyday people.
Join host Mia Anstine on the MAC Outdoors podcast for stories about hunting, shooting, fishing, adventure and inspiration.
Mind4Survival empowers preparedness-minded people to become more safe, confident, and self-reliant so that they can better protect themselves, their families, and loved ones when it matters most.
On the Get Off My Lawn podcast, we discuss various topics relevant to guns and our 2A rights, as well as other, non-gun related, topics that are important to the host. The goal of the show is to not only offer great information, but to make the listeners and viewers THINK (and seek out more info) in order to form one’s own opinion.
Join Charlie Cook for Riding Shotgun with Charlie, as he drives around the the coolest people in America! You’ll be in the car listening to a conversation that is more intimate than a regular phone, radio, or even a Skype interview. You’ll get in on a conversation between 2 (maybe 3) people are they’re talking and sharing their stories. Charlie & the passenger are traveling in the car, experiencing the same traffic conditions, and trying to avoid potholes! The conversations are revealing, heartwarming, and are sure to make you laugh!